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To me ‘perfection’ is a state that can never be reached. Yet thriving to become perfect is like developing myself constantly – not only in sports but also in every aspect of life regarding body, mind and soul. It has required me a great amount of humility to aspire for being perfect, although all the time knowing that I will never reach that state.

The reason why it is about perfection, and not about being the best in something, is because being the best means that others have to be worse than you. I do not believe in competition. I believe that everyone has the possibility to be as perfect as they want to be, and they still do not have to put other people down in order to reach this state. Perfection is not comparable. Therefore everyone can be perfect, yet in the end it is nearly impossible to tell who is better or worse.

Love, in my opinion, is the only thing we need in the universe. I understand Love as the umbrella term for everything that is positive, and Passion is one of these positive derivations. To me, Passion is the strongest form of Love that can be harnessed for creation. It is like a tool or media that uses Love as its energy source in creating or doing something you feel is extremely important. And while creating or doing it passionately it feels like being in love the whole time.

Perfection with Passion is a shortened of the sentence ‘Love, be passionate, and thrive for perfection because it is your human right’



I believe that it is possible to master the control of your body to such a level that nearly any kind of non-normal movement related eg. to dance, sport, martial arts, performance etc. can easily be learned; As well as mastered in a shorter period of time. I have named this philosophy Body Dynamics (BD), and I am applying it to my own life mainly through physical activities. Although, the focus in BD is in physical movement, it requires a great deal of mental input in order to master it. I have learned this the hard way by eg. playing golf, skydiving and doing stunts.

Having a strong background in karate allowed me to learn acrobatics on my own. Learning it on my own has given me the chance to get to know my own body and its limits in a natural way. Together with karate and acrobatics it was fairly easy to move on to parkour. In addition to its physical challenges it also forced in to my consciousness the constant risk of getting injured. As parkour’s philosophy is based partly on Oriental Martial Arts, it was mentally easy for me to start training parkour; Right from the start I did not train parkour to show off, but instead to learn more about Body Dynamics.

I have always loved dancing. Again, karate made it easy for me to do various street dance styles. Since the summer 2008 I have been actively dancing social dances eg. Salsa, Boogie Woogie, Ballroom and Argentinian tango. Happy to admit it, Martial Arts background helped me in this area as well! Music and the sense of rhythm has allowed me to understand Body Dynamics on a deeper level. I have found out that different kind of music makes me feel differently. How I feel affects the way I move. Moving to the rhythm of the music helps me breath in a natural way as well. I believe that the rhythm and breathing are essential parts of Body Dynamics.