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26.10.2017 - Check out the teaser of the upcoming feature film "Veljeni Vartija" from YouTube. Directed by J-P Siili, starring Antti Holma, Armi Toivanen, Saga Sarkola and many others.

18.10.2016 - Check out the "Nordea Pay - Kung fu" commercial on YouTube. Directed by Mojo Erämetsä from Orange Advertising, and Director of Photography Julius Koivistoinen from Fotonokka.

02.11.2015 - Watch the trailer of the Finnish feature-film "Look of a Killer". I had the privilege to work in this production as the Fight Coordinator together with the visionary director Lauri Nurkse, amazing production crew and the internationally acclaimed Finnish actors Samuli Edelmann, and Ville Haapasalo, just to mention few. The film will premiere in Finland's cinemas on 12th February 2016.

08.05.2015 - Finnish stunt professional H-P Virkki has released an e-book "Introduction to Movie Stunts". I am honored to be part of this book as one of the main characters. If you are interested in coordinating stunts or becoming a stunt person, read this book.

20.06.2013 - "Runner" in Dalindèo's latest music video for the Helsinki Festival 2013 (click to watch).

02.11.2011 - Assistant Action Coordinator in Idols Lassi Valtonen's coming music video (click to watch).

21.08.2010 - NEW VIDEO ADDED: Kluuvi - Home of the Exceptional Commercial

09.04.2010 - Blog UPDATED: Varmuus on stunt-miehen tärkein työkalu (only in Finnish)

23.03.2010 - Blog UPDATED: Making it Big with Little

09.03.2010 - Blog UPDATED: Real-Life Gamer

21.02.2010 - Blog UDPATED: Multitasking > Multi Time Management

05.02.2010 - Blog UPDATED: Ideas, the Driving Force of Development

31.01.2010 - Blog UPDATED: On-Air

26.01.2010 - Live radio interview for a Finnish radio channel YLE Radio Savo at 14:40
Frequencies in Finland: Kuopio 98,1 ja Iisalmi 96,5. Listen the Web Radio in Finnish from here.

21.01.2010 - Blog UPDATED: Concealed Lives turning in to Public Life

13.01.2010 - Blog UPDATED: YOUR MOVE Youth Campaign

08.01.2010 - TB Shop's NEW PRODUCT: Scarf (Unisex)

07.01.2010 - Blog UPDATED: Mid-Body Control from the Mid-Finland Perspective

31.12.2009 - Blog UPDATED: Miraculous New Year 2010!!!

28.12.2009 - Blog UPDATED: Working with Talents

17.12.2009 - Blog UPDATED: Teaching Children vs Teaching Adults

13.12.2009 - Blog UPDATED: Training among Great Men

10.12.2009 - NEW BLOG launched: Life of Tung Bui - Actor and Stuntman
This blog focuses only in my professional life. It reveals more in-depth information of my life as an actor and stuntman. Hopefully, you can enjoy my stories there! Comments, ideas and thoughts are always welcomed! Please, feel free to read my blog from here.

5.12.2009 - I am mentioned in a Finnish youth magazine the 'Suosikki'
I was a visiting guest star in a competition that can be read (in Finnish) from here. A story was written about this day and was published in the magazine's December '09 issue. Four young women got to spend a day as a supermodel. They started the day with my Acrobatic Body Control class, and then after the lunch continued to be models in a fashion photo shoot. It was a very positive experience for me as well. The girls had just the right attitude to go through everything! Thank you Suosikki and the girls for the nice day!

24.11.2009 - Teaching Acrobatic Body Control to Finn-Aiki aikido club
It was nice to go back to teach my old students in acrobatics. I began my work as a visiting teacher in Finn-Aiki in 2006. Together with the head teacher Mari Lehtinen (4. dan black belt) our goal has always been to improve the club's practitioners body control skills in order to better support their training in aikido. For Finn-Aiki, I usually teach few consecutive classes about once or twice a year. It's been great to see improvements among the practitioners! Looking forward to the next class!

Oli kiva palata taas opettamaan vanhoja akrobatiaoppilaitani, jotka treenaavat aktiivisesti aikidoa Finn-Aikissa. Kyseinen budoseura on ensimmäisiä, joissa aloin jo vuonna 2006 opettamaan akrobatiaa. Finn-Aikin pääohjaajan Mari Lehtisen (4. dan musta vyö) ja minun yhteisenä tavoitteenamme on ollut alusta lähtien kehittää seuran harrastajien kehonhallintaa niin, että he pystyisivät hyödyntämään sitä aikidoa treenatessaan. Opetukseni on aina koostunut muutaman treenikerran paketeista, jolloin olen vain yksi seuran muista vierailevista opettajista. Kohti seuraavia treenejä innokkaasti edeten!

20.11.2009 - Download my 2009 Promotion Pictures on your computer!
Jay Style has done it again! Please, download the wallpaper pictures from here.

14.11.2009 - Teaching Acrobatic Body Control (ABC) for Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu Club
I had the privilege of teaching my ABC-style for the Finland's largest, and internationally one of the most acknowledged Finnish martial arts club, Hokutoryu Ju-Jutsu. It has been two years since I last taught them acrobatics. It was nice to see some familiar faces attending the class today! This workshop lasts for five consecutive Saturdays, so that everyone should be in great shape for the coming Christmas dinners!

1.11.2009 - Tung Bui Shop OPENED at shop.tungbui.com
Finally, after tremendous amounts of hard, long and boring IT work were able to pull through the shop.tungbui.com-project and launch the actual Tung Bui Shop. I can never thank enough of the people from Jay Style. Their hard work and dedication to excellence is inspirational! The webshop focuses on fan merchandising as many people have already requested them. We do our best to keep the products as high-quality as possible! After all, it39;s always 'Perfection with Passion' wherever I go! Millions of thank yous for your support!

21.10.2009 - Success story at the Entrepreneur TuesdayTM
At the event I was pleased to have around two hundred persons listening for my 'Dream Branding' presentation! I hope my presentation was worth it. At least, I left the building with a wide smile on my face. Thank you for all the people who made the event possible! Perfection with Passion!

11.10.2009 - Tung Bui Wikipedia page published!!!
I can't thank enough for the people who have given their time to create my Wikipedia page! Unfortunately, it is at the moment only on the Finnish Wikipedia. Nevertheless, it can be viewed from here. Once again, thank you all!

9.10.2009 - Guest speaker at the Entrepreneur TuesdayTM Event on 20th October
When approached with the request to be the event's guest speaker, I gratefully accepted the invitation. I will talk about 'Dream Branding' using myself as the living and breathing example :) I hope many of you who are entrepreneurs, or seriously think of becoming one, have a chance to take part in the event!

Date: 20th October 2009
16.45 -            Doors open
17.00 - 18.00  'Dream Branding' presentation
18.00 - 19.30  Networking session

Place: Active Life Village, Metsänpojankuja 3, 02310 Espoo.

Read more about the event from here.

Register to the event from here.

1.10.2009 - 100 000 hits per month exceeded on this website!!!
This is amazing news, which makes me extremely happy! I thank each and every one of you for visiting my homepage! This inspires me to work even harder to make everything more and more positive :)

Some statistics from September alone:

Total Hits: 102,900
Traffic: 30,03 GB
Number of countries: 27

Top-5 visiting countries:
- Finland 63,41%
- USA 25,05%
- China 6,85%
- Japan 1,35%
- Russia 0,67%

30.9.2009 - Working as an acrobatic teacher for the Scandinavian Hunks
Finally, we came up with an idea how we could work together. The Hunks wanted to have something new and different for their coming Hot'n'Cold Tour. Therefore, my responsibility is to teach the dancers some acrobatics and trampoline techniques. Read more about this from the Hunks' blog (in Finnish)

;'Teaching the Hunks'
'At the gym with the Hunks'

19.9.2009 - A little story of me in a Finnish local magazine. Read it in Finnish from here.

17.9.2009 - The Red Cross Operation Hunger Day in Finland on 17.-19.9.
Me and my actor colleague Sannamaija Pekkarinen are taking part in the Hunger Day. We are designated to work in Kamppi Narinkkatori on 17th September between 10.00 - 12.00. Hope to see you there! Read more from the Hunger Day from here.

;11.9.2009 - Choreographer in a 3-video TV-commercial for Seppälä
I had a chance to work with a visionary director Mikko Pitkänen from Anima in a TV-commercial made for Seppälä, a known clothing brand in Finland.
My responsibility was to design the choreography and train Anne Lindberg, the designer, to perform it in front of the camera. Anne had a background in dancing, and huge enthusiasm to learn which made everything work smoothly between us. I'm very satisfied in the end result! See it yourself from here.

5.9.2009 - A guest at the Voice Heräämö Show on 09.09.09 at 09am
A Finnish morning program that is simultaneously broadcasted on TV, radio and internet. Read in Finnish more from here;.

24.8.2009 - Yakuza Diaries - Blooming Flower released on the internet
Finally, our 10-minute short film demo is available on the internet for everyone to see. Millions of thanks to everyone who was involved in making this nearly zero-budget film come true! See the video on Facebook or download the MOV file (108M). Enjoy!

17.8.2009 - My first appearance in a Finnish TV series 'Salatut Elämät' is on 11th September
My role character, Noa Okada is an 18-year old exchange student from Japan. It is very unfortunate that my first appearance is on the infamous date of 9/11. Silent prayers to the victims and their families. The official news about my 1st appearance can be read from here (in Finnish).

31.7.2009 - A little story of me in a Finnish Trendi magazine (August/09)
I am portrayed as one of the young talents who shall be a topic of discussion in the coming fall. The story is related to my acting role in a Finnish TV series called Salatut Elämät.


15.7.2009 – New www.tungbui.com website released!
Check out my newly designed website with its updates and additions! The site was created by Dyyni. For the site's visual image I can thank my better half.

5.7.2009 – Stage Fighting Workshop in Hamar, Norway
I am looking forward to this workshop that takes place between 13th and 25th July 2009. I attended one before in 2007 in Rakvere, Estonia, where I trained with rapier, broadsword and quarterstaff. This year I am hoping to train with new weapons under the guidance of professional teachers. Read more about the workshop from this link.

11.6.2009 – Dance.fi Company performing in URB 09
One of the main choreographers, Topi Tateishi approached me with a request whether I could work with the dancers in order to get them to understand the movement ideology behind acrobatics, parkour and even martial arts. I have really enjoyed the possibility to share my knowledge with some of the top street dancers in Helsinki. I am really enthusiastic to see the end result! Dance.fi Company will perform in URB 09 festival in August 7th and 8th. More information about the performance can be read from this link.

12.4.2009 – Fight choreographer in Romeo & Juliet
I had the chance to work with enthusiastic teenagers at the Riihimäki Youth Theater. With the direction of Viivi Saarela, they made a modernized version of the Shakespeare’s classic Romeo & Juliet. My responsibility was to design the knife fighting choreography and train the actors to perform it. The premiere was on 12th April and the play was shown until the end of May.